State of the art image analysis is currently driven by advances in Machine Learning. Since the lingua franca of ML is Python, and Endrov is written in Java, it is no longer actively maintained. Another issue is that modern visualization should make good use of GPU. Endrov has support for OpenGL 2.1, but this is no longer how GPUs should be used. Thus I no longer recommend using Endrov, ImageJ, and other "classic" open source image analysis software. Instead, learn Python, and create us something new!

That said, Endrov is still functional, and you can learn plenty from the source code. I am happy to provide the code under any license you want if you can make effective use of it. There are many tricks in it that are worth learning from.

Endrov is still a great starting point if you wish to develop software to view and annotate 4D+ image data. You can also use it to view our 4D c.elegans recordings. Note that on OSX you will need to enable the running of "uncertified" apps (in System settings).